> UN Portable Pressure Vessels

Globe Trotting Pressure Vessels – Tough Enough to Meet both UN and Euro Pressure Vessels Standards

Our range of Rugged UN Pressure Vessels are designed and built to perform reliably for the world’s most demanding users, in challenging transport situations around the globe. They live up to rigorous United Nations standards and Euro Pressure Vessel reputation for quality and
long life.

Stock UN Vessels

Pre-tested 5 and 55 US gallon UN versatile vessels are available from factory stock [non-UK] to facilitate quick delivery. Individual UN testing may be required with end user fittings.

Standard UN Vessels

A range of 1 to 10 US gallon UN standard designed vessels are preferred by many customers to save the cost of Testing to UN standards. Individual UN testing may be required with end user fittings.

Custom UN Vessels

Ranging in size from 1 up to 55 US gallons, our custom made non bulk packaging UN vessels are precisely fabricated to your requirements. Customized vessel attributes such as fitting sizes, style and location can be specified. Each new custom designed vessel must undergo UN certification testing.

Closure Options

A choice of several different types of closures adds flexibility to your UN vessels use:

  • Standard nipple-type closures
  • NPT-type closures
  • Flange closures
  • Sanitary clamp closures
  • VCR closures

Protective Skirts & Chimes

Request Our BrochureAdded features provide sturdy, stable footing for your UN pressure vessels, and protect it against harsh environments and the rigors of frequent transport.

  • New style stainless steel skirts with removable rubber gasket are standard on 9″ and 12″ diameter UN pressure vessels.
  • Stainless-steel skirts are standard on 18″ and 24″ diameter UN pressure vessels, and optional on 9″ and 12″ diameter vessels.
  • Ring chimes make it easier to transport vessels and protect fittings and other components during vessel shipment and use.
  • Built-in skids simplify the transport of 55 US gallon UN pressure vessels.

All UN vessels manufactured undergo the following tests:

  • Drop Test Subpart M, Section 178.603
  • Leak-Resistance Test Subpart M, Section 178.604
  • Hydrostatic Test Subpart M, Section 178.605
  • Stacking Test Subpart M, Section 178.606
  • Vibration Test Subpart M, Section 178.608
  • Periodic Retesting Subpart M, Section 178.601(e)